Field trips with all children are encouraged to enrich the classroom curriculum

Extracuricular activities

They are very important for the children’s human capital development. They help to unlock the confinement of innate talent that surface and finally find positive expression. Stronger ties are established between pupils and their peers.

Fields trips - Dance - Music - Arts

Stronger ties are established between pupils and their peers.

Field trips

Enrich the classroom curriculum
  • Year 2014: Excursion to the seaport and Douala maritime museum
  • Year 2015: Excursion to the Douala international airport
  • Year 2016: Excursion to First African Company
  • Year 2017: Excursion to the Nigerian Consulate in Douala


Choreographic steps are creatively improvised to reflect the rhythms from different regional backgrounds, emphasizing the cultural identity of the pupils of GKCA.


Sounds and voices

As the children’s nimble fingers are guided to produce pleasing notes whether from the piano, flute or guitar and their voices are trained to hold notes, gifts and innate talents are groomed to blossom to higher levels of mastery and excellence, committed to the audience of one.

Arts & Crafts

Creativity in action

The pupils of GKCA are gradually mastering the arts of weaving, painting, sculpting with clay, chiseling wood into different beautiful shapes and preparing flower bouquets.